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Treat Ring Dog Toy

Treat Ring Dog Toy

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Are you looking for a toy that will provide your furry friend with both playtime fun and tasty treats? Look no further than our Treat Ring Dog Toy! This toy is designed to stimulate your dog's natural instincts and provide them with a delicious treat at the same time.

With its durable construction and innovative design, our Treat Ring Dog Toy is perfect for dogs who love to chew and play. The toy features a built-in treat holder, allowing pet owners to insert their dog's favourite treats for a tasty and rewarding playtime experience while playing your dogs favourite game like fetch, tug of war and it can even be used as a frisbee.

Made from safe, non-toxic materials. The toy's unique design encourages healthy chewing habits, promoting dental health and reducing boredom and destructive behaviour. 

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