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Happy Hound Bundle (Candle, Diffuser, Scented Doggy Bags)

Happy Hound Bundle (Candle, Diffuser, Scented Doggy Bags)

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Happy Hound Bundle

Welcome refreshing aromas into your home with the Happy Hound Bundle.

Happy Hound Candle:

Our expertly blended mix of jasmine and tonka provides up to 50 hours of aromatic beautiful fragrance and the  AromaGuard technology ensures unwanted odours are quickly neutralised. Enjoy a pleasant and inviting atmosphere with the Happy Hound Candle.


Happy Hound Diffuser:

The Happy Hound Diffuser is the ideal solution for pet owners looking to keep their homes smelling fresh!

This innovative device features patented AromaGuard technology, which eliminates unpleasant odours, and its no spill design guarantees no mess.

Providing up to 6 weeks of continuous fragrance of Fresh Jasmine and Tonka. 


360 Paws Vanilla Scented Doggy Bags:

The bags have a lovely Vanilla Fragrance and come in an easy to use dispensing box. 

Each pack of our Scented Doggy Bags contains 100 bags, ensuring you have a reliable supply of bags for all your dog waste disposal needs. These bags are strong and practical.

With their compact size, they are easy to carry and store, making them an essential accessory for any dog owner.

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